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The Hiram Key Revisited has 52 ratings and 5 reviews. Naftoli said: This was a very ENJOYABLE book. Granted I like the topic: Freemasons, revolutions, hi. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasonry, and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus, is a book by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. The authors. 16 Jun The Hiram Key is yet another example of “Von Daaniken’s syndrome” where wishful thinking and pre-determined conclusions replace facts in.

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The Spiritual Teaching of Ramana Maharshi. It expands on some things but didn’t tell me the hiram key revisited I didn’t already know. Published July 1st by Metro Books first published July 8th Altug Ornek rated it it was amazing Jan 04, Return to Book Page. Sep 26, Jacamo Peterson rated it really liked it. A great deal of the information in this book is intended to “connect the dots” between points in history, to help analyze and prove that there may be a power behind the direction of society in the past years.

I’m glad it casts a shadow over Albert Pike. Russ Beckham rated it liked it Dec 30, The Jewish Study Bible suggests that the word “father” is an honorific title applied to a skilled craftsman. the hiram key revisited

The Hiram Key Revisited

The word “abi” is translated as “father” or “my father” in other translations whilst the Luther and Coverdale translations treated it as a personal name. Reviited after the Crucifi xion they were nearly wiped out by a program of mass genocide conducted by the The hiram key revisited later, in feudal Europe, they grew to a position the hiram key revisited unparalleled power before being branded as heretics and forced underground.

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Nonetheless they argue in the book that the foundations of the Christian religion are a distortion by the early Roman Catholic Church of the teachings of the real Jesus and his followers. They note that, 40 years after their discovery, only the hiram key revisited half of the available material had the hiram key revisited been published or made available for independent review. A Plan for a New World-Order. Did it arrive, fully formed at the foundation of the Premier Grand Lodge of England on 24 Juneor was that the first public acknowledgement of something much older?

Similarly, Jesus’ turning water into wine merely meant elevating people to a higher status within the framework of the sect. They express the belief that, though Ford’s statement may be abrupt, it is accurate, as history is often not tye completely accurate and comprehensive account of facts, but only what the dominant or orthodox the hiram key revisited of the time has recorded for posterity.

The Hiram Key Revisited: Freemasonry: A Plan for a New World Order

It follows the influence of a family or more correctly a tribe of people emanating from Jerusalem. Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. Christopher KnightAlan Butler. There are no the hiram key revisited topics on this book yet.

It is easy to sympathize with the intentions and mission of the “Star Families”, but this is the same mission that many folks will call the New World Order.

Mike Brickman rated it it was amazing Mar 26, Read it Forward Read it first. I don’t like the title of the book being mis-construed as including Freemasonry in the nutjob ‘Global Conspiracy’ stuff although the body of the text does the hiram key revisited itself from it.

The Cloud of Unknowing.

The Hiram Key Revisited by Christopher Knight, Alan Butler |

The texts of these scrolls are believed by the authors to have been written by ancestors of the hiram key revisited same Qumran the hiram key revisited of the Judaean hills that found them. They decided that the story of Hiram Abiff keu actually based on the initiation ceremonies of the ancient kings of Egypt.

The extraordinary story teh unfolds in Solomons Power Brokers reveals that thebuilding of the modern world was no haphazard process. Butler and Knight do a great job of dispelling some wide-spread myths surrounding freemasons, the church, biblical history and european royalty.

Allison Choying Zangmo and Anyen Rinpoche.

The Hiram Key – Wikipedia

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. A good read, slightly askew from the facts but overall well presented.

Looking for More Great Reads? Knight and Lomas state that one of the main motivations in writing the book stemmed from a desire to ascertain the origins of Freemasonry, following their own experiences of being initiated into it. For good or for bad, the information needs to the hiram key revisited there, and this book does a good job of presenting history in a way that makes this seemingly massively complex secret easily comprehendible. the hiram key revisited

Geoffrey Sigei rated it really liked it Aug 01, the hiram key revisited This was a nice read. Even those familiar with the application of dialectics may concede that the conclusion of such logic is only as good as its weakest link.

By the end of the book, so many theories have been put to rest, yet many other points have been brought up.