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16 Mar Read more about Won’t damage Ram Sethu for Sethusamudram project, Centre tells SC on Business Standard. The Sethusamudram project. Key data, economic, cultural, political stakes. Another issue which concerns the Tamil Nadu fishermen is the ambitious Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project, . While both the Suez and Panama Canals have gigantic volumes of shipping, which makes them economically viable, in India, the Sethusamudram Canal project.

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BJP 23 Feb Died 20 March “. The project would disturb the ecological balance and destroy corals. Retrieved 10 October Conceived in by Alfred Dundas Taylorit recently [ when? What is the Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project? This will alert our moderators to take action. No question of demolishing Rama Sethu, says Gadkari 04 Nov Ram Setu should not be affected at any cost: The canal is designed for ships of 30, metric tonnes and lighter.

The Sethusamudram Project has a very important geo-political sethusamucram. Further, fishing communities would be majorly affected in sethusamudeam India and Sri Lanka. Tell us sethusamudgam you didn’t like in the comments. The Supreme Court has given the Union government time till February 23,to clarify its stand on the Sethusamudram project. But the public voicing of concern ceased when the Indian government explained to the Sri Lankan president and her technical advisors that the project was not harmful setnusamudram they were assured that any new concerns would be addressed.

Both Indian and Sri Lankan environmental groups so far has made several appeals to the respective governments and to the United Nations Environment Programme.

The boss who made his maids, drivers rich. Solicitor General Rohinton Nariman quoted a report by environmentalist R K Pachauri, who headed a Supreme Court projet committee to assess alternatives for projeft sea channel to connect the western and eastern coast of India.

Eighty percent of Japan’s oil supplies and sixty percent of China’s oil supplies shipped on this sea-lane. This is the not the first time in the world that a ship canal will be dug he points out. Archived from the original pdf on 28 August Google reforms sexual misconduct rules. Tsunami expert Professor Tad Murty —who advised the Government of India on the tsunami warning system—has said that the planned route may result in increased impact from tsunami waves.

ChennaiTamil Nadu, India. However it strongly recommended an overland passage instead of a channel cutting through Rama’s Bridge. The government sanctioned only the Tuti-corin Port project. This plan avoids the demolition of Ram Setu. Sethu samudram project committee report to Union Government”.

Won’t damage Ram Sethu for Sethusamudram project, Centre tells SC | Business Standard News

Although Sri Lanka has an Environmental Impacts Assessment procedure under the Coast Conservation Department this project does not come within their jurisdictions. Pachauri committeewhich studied the controversial Sethusamudram projectbut the panel head is resolute on each and every observation made in the report.

If tariffs are lowered to a point where ships from Africa and Europe will not lose money from using the canal, the IRR of the project falls to 2.

The existing water way is shallow and not sufficient for the movement of ships. In order to reduce the steaming distances between the east and west coasts of India and to improve the navigation within territorial waters of India this project has been started. Views Read Edit View history. Ltd would have to draw up new reports, sit with parliamentary committees and receive fresh approval. Do You Like This Story? Since the tsunami is a long gravity wave similar to tides and storm surges during the diffraction process, the rather wide turn it has to take spared the south Kerala coast.

Congressman and Finance Minister P Chidambaram, who represents Sivaganga constituency in south Tamil Nadu, is very keen that the southern districts of his state make rapid strides in economic development. There is offshore oil rigging all over the world.

Sethusamudram alternative route not feasible: report

On 21 Aprilthe Supreme Court of India decided to delay the project to until an Environmental impact analysis on the feasibility of a route through Dhanuskodi instead of Rama’s Bridge had been carried out. Showing Results For ” sehusamudram project “. Defence minister George Fernandes announced that the government would complete the digging of the Sethusamudram channel in three years.

The Indian government rejected the committee’s report and decided to go ahead with the project in its current form. The project involves digging a A novel quantitative classification approach. The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board has refused to give the project clearance, mandatory for any infrastructure project of over Rs mn to be initiated in any state.

There are indeed fears about pollution and oil slicks due to increased shipping in the narrow sea. The cost of the joint, project was then estimated at Rs. The project, which envisages a 2. ET EnergyWorld A one stop platform that caters to the pulse of the pulsating energy.

A substantial portion of the Ram Setu, 9. Further, by reducing the distance between the east and the west coasts, travelling time would come down by 36 hours. Retrieved 9 October This was after the government counsel failed to give the court a definite answer on the alternative canal route suggested by the court to avoid damage to Ram Setu.