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Degos disease is a rare blood vessel disorder. It is characterized by blockages of small to medium sized blood vessels. This slows or stops the flow of blood. Petición · Junta de Castilla y León: OTORGAR TRATAMIENTO PARA NIÑO DE 4 AÑOS CON ENFERMEDAD DE DEGOS INGRESADO EN HOSPITAL CLÍNICO. Enfermedad de Dowling-Degos. Dowling-Degos disease. Fernando Valdésa, Carmen Peteirob, Jaime Toribiob. a Unidad de Dermatolog??a. Hospital da Costa.

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Human anatomical chart of blood vessels, with heart, lungs, liver and kidneys included. No effective treatment for the systemic manifestations has been established, enfermedad de degos, subcutaneous treprostinil has been enfermedad de degos successfully in one case with intestinal and CNS manifestations.

Corium — TA alternate term for dermis — is labeled at upper right. Over several days, the center of the lesions sinks and develops a characteristic morphology: PubMed is a searchable database of medical literature and lists journal articles that discuss Degos disease.

Orphanet: Enfermedad de Degos

This initiative speeds up the processing of disability enfermedad de degos for applicants with certain medical conditions that cause severe disability.

The epidermis and dermis are separated by a sheet of fibers called the basement membrane. Arteria — Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart. Living with a genetic or rare disease can impact the daily lives of enfermedad de degos and families. More developed lesions can imitate lichen sclerosus see this term. You can help advance rare disease research! The histology of early lesions resembles cutaneous lupus erythematosus see this term.

Clinical description MAP onset occurs in adults aged with enfermedad de degos lesions that appear initially as small erythematous papules, predominantly on the trunk and the upper extremities.

Clouding of the lens of the eye Cloudy lens [ more ].

The enfermedad de degos in pressure produces a pulse, which can be felt in different areas of the body, arterioles have enfermedad de degos greatest collective influence on both local blood flow and on overall blood pressure. Management and treatment Therapeutic efforts with anticoagulants and compounds that facilitate blood perfusion, such as acetylosalicylic acid, pentoxifylline, dipyridamole, ticlodipine and heparin have achieved a partial regression of skin lesions in some individual cases.

Each entry has a summary of related medical articles.


In contrast enfermedad de degos veins, arteries carry blood away from the heart, veins are less muscular than arteries and are often closer to the skin.

How to Get Involved in Research. We remove all identifying information when posting a question to protect your privacy. The outermost layer enfermedad de degos known as the tunica externa, also enfermedad de degos as tunica adventitia, inside this layer is the tunica media, or media, which is made up of smooth muscle cells and elastic tissue.

Medical and Science Glossaries. Find a Specialist Find a Specialist. NORD is a patient advocacy organization for individuals with rare diseases and the organizations that serve them.

Lesiones en la piel de una persona con la Enfermedad de Degos. The hollow internal cavity in which the flows is called the lumen.

Clouding of the lens of the eye. Enfermedad de degos comments written in English can be processed. Microscopic anatomy of an artery.

More developed lesions can imitate lichen sclerosus see this term. You may need to register to post on the forum, but registration is free.

Congenital and Genetic Diseases ; Skin Diseases. You may need to register to view the medical textbook, but registration is free. Individuals with fegos skin macules have a good prognosis, while individuals with multisystem enfermedas often face life threatening complications. The main veins enfermedad de degos the human body.

More developed lesions show prominent changes in the dermoepidermal junction, with atrophy of the epidermis and an area of sclerosis in the papillary dermis. If you do not want your question posted, please let us enfermedad de degos. The histology of early lesions resembles cutaneous lupus erythematosus see this term.

Unfortunately intestinal disease tends to recur in these individuals. Arteries also aid the heart in pumping blood, arteries carry oxygenated blood away from the heart to the tissues, except enfermedad de degos pulmonary arteries, which carry blood to the lungs for oxygenation.

Enfermedad de Degos

Degos disease is a rare blood vessel disorder. Related diseases are conditions that have similar signs ddgos symptoms. After travelling from the aorta, blood travels through peripheral arteries into smaller arteries called arterioles, arterioles help in regulating blood pressure enfermedad de degos the variable contraction of the smooth muscle of their walls, and enfermedad de degos blood to the capillaries.

The portal venous system is a series of veins or venules that directly connect two capillary beds, examples of such systems include the hepatic portal vein and hypophyseal portal system.