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17 Sie Drakensang: The River of Time – poradnik, opis przejścia, questy, mapy zawiera poszukiwane przez graczy tematy i lokacje jak – Wstęp. 25 Mar Solucja/Walkthrought Drakensang by lukaheq [PL] [ENG]. Autorstwa: This time Loisane (3) wants to meet you by the temple of Hesinde. Head there to . It is standing by the river but is not willing to come back. The Tamer. 26 Oct Recordings. Live Music. Archive. Top Of Time. And The River Item EBOOK. DOWNLOAD – 8 Nov. Drakensang the river of time poradnik pdf.

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Nefertari and the Missing. Deal with the undead plague You need to complete Eliminate the undead plague. He will ask you to receive an order from innkeeper at “Silver Pitcher”. Kill the crab Kill the crab, to retrieve the wood it swallowed. He will tell you of his son’s death and will ask you to find Tashman. Summon Heidrune Heidrune can be summoned by placing the owl skulls on the right statues.

Kill Gondwin’s oppressors Kill orcs guarding Gondwin and free him. Tell him what you’ve heard from the Oracle. Talk to him a second time to haggle over your payment – you should be able to triple his original offer of 2 Ducats.

Temple of Hesinde Leave the courtyard bearing in mind that you won’t be able to return to this place.


Force the goblins out of the camp Kill all of the goblins and ogres. Bring the yolk of the harpy egg Harpy egg 18 can be found in a nest on the edge of the cliff. Meet with the Major-domo in the residence Once you arrive at your residence Major-domo Muddlemosh will give you a message – it seems that Mage Rakorium wants you to come to the temple of Hesinde 2 and talk to it’s guardian Dorion 2 about the problem with the Dragon Quest.

Help him the hunter, not the wolf and he will thank you for assistance.

R Undead in the Hidden Sanctum. Earn Morla’s trust Morla can be found in the mansion 9. It appears to be crawling with goblins who hold the workers from the farm. Find the dancing place The magical spot can be found in north-eastern part of the map To Praios Square II. Use fast talk and convince them to go to the “Fleet Footed Ferret”. Head to his camp, talk to him and then attack him. Gate guard Grobbinger 2. Leader of the Neisbecks, who will give you your mission – you are to kill Tashman, who is no longer of use.

Her wagoner 2 has gone looking for help, but hasn’t returned yet.

Reginald will talk to him and learn that there’s someone worth talking to in the “Fleet Footed Ferret” 1. Kill the Grand Inquisitor Witch will order him to assume his original form and he srakensang turn into a lizard-like creature. The only one you know seems to be Rakorium, so you should head out and talk to him.

SQ36 New rule You need to complete Challenge Ronkwer in his camp Get rid of Humbert Bandit leader 20 will ask you to kill his enemy – Humbert 21 Head to his fo, talk to him and then attack him. Tell the news to the innkeeper Go back to the innkeeper and tell him that you have killed off the rats.


Try to resolve the matter without bloodshed. You have to complete Find the lock, to solve the mystery. The shining dome seems like a good trace – head towards it and you will see Rakorium along with his second novice, Nottelem hiding behind the magic shield.

When you’ll tell her you’re looking for Ardo’s killers, she will join you. She will join your party. Bridge Darian and Viburn 5. Show him the document and collect the secret ingredient. Help Avanti in his search If you ask Avanti about his problem he will tell you that he’s supposed to look for a magic tome called Magica Luminosus 9. Temple of Praios 9.

You will be approached by the angry innkeeper who will calm down once you pay him 5 Thalers – this will also net you some additional experience.

drakensang the river of time wikipedia

Soon, Grand Inquisitor da Vanya will arrive. Nearby there’s an Inquisition squad lead by Berndrik whose sole purpose is to wipe out the toads who seem to be spying for the witches. He will say a few words and will disappear after the first question you ask.

Return to the temple of Hesinde You have completed the quest ordered by the Oracle you now have to return to Ferdok. Dwarf Ragesh From chapter five on: R Destroyer of Mummies.

Berndrik will believe you and pull his men back to the camp. Talk to them and they will tell you that their friend, Holdwin 7 was supposed to bring them lunch but hasn’t come back yet. Firefly meat Take the firefly meat to Knowall Take the meat to Knowall. Chapter IX – Maps.

Ugin, son of Umbash When he accepts it, return to Pagol Babek.