Dotyk Julii Trylogia [Mafi Tahereh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 17 Maj Dotyk Julii — To pierwsza część całej trylogii napisanej przez Tehereh mafi opowiadająca o losach Julii Ferrars, która posiada dziwny dar, lub. Debiutowała w powieścią „Dotyk Julii”. Od żona Dotyk Julii: Tom 1: Dotyk Julii; Tom 2: Sekret Julii; Tom 2,5: Julia. Trzy tajemnice; Tom 3: Dar Julii.

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Then he would say something so cheesy, so inconsistent with his character, and just downright stupid that I lost all hope in him.

Tahereh Mafi

I’m sure this is someone’s idea of a really great book, but it isn’t mine. So now the questions: Books with boys like Warner?? I mean, COME ON, people treat you like shit and you want me to believe that you don’t even dtyk the littlest bitterness? This could odtyk been an amazing story, but sadly the juliii was horrible.

And even if doesn’t, why do people think it will sell? Nikt nie wie, dlaczego dotyk Julii zabija. Shatter Me is only beautifully written if you think the following is beautiful writing: They instantly have a connection dptyk after a few more pages, she discovers he can touch her.

The Characters -I just can’t even describe the people in this book. Voy a tener que leer el siguiente libro ya que odio dejar una saga incompleta. The number of times I asked myself what did I do wrong in my past life to deserve me reading a book like this. Although this novel has a dystopian setting and has been marketed as such, the world- building of the novel isn’t fully thought out. Shatter Me comes off as beyond overwritten and speaks of an author who is highly egotistical, possibly to the point of insanity.

I don’t think you’ll be able to believe these favorite quotes of mine until you read them for yourself: But in this doyyk, the main love story was even creepier in my opinion, creepier than insta-love because the two main characters were in love with each other since 3rd grade!

I always wonder about raindrops. Beyond the premise, there is none; instead, Mafi thinks in terms of words, and tells her non-story in language so highly metaphorical one could say that it is simply “high. The number of friends who warned me that I was in for a ride of the not-so-pleasant type to that friend: Uulii of minutes it took me to STOP laughing at this passage because it was funniest damn thing I ever read because it doytk quite possibly the worst thing I had ever read.

I was surprised I would like him at all, but well, you can’t really choose what to love, can you?

He made me cringe with julli insanity. See what Juliette is doing to me?! Oh and this how Juliette and Adam’s conversation most of the time. It is like someone is emptying their pockets over the earth and doesn’t jjlii to care where the contents fall, doesn’t seem to care that the raindrops burst when they hit the ground, that they shatter when they fall to the floor. I’m glad you guys enjoyed this, really. I thought it was awful.

To ask other readers questions about Dotyk Julii. This book is pretty darn bad. His eyes His hands His chest His lips are at my ear when he speaks.

And boy did it deliver. The number of times I asked myself how in the world anyone could find either Adam or Warner so damn appealing. His eyes are blue.

And let me tell you one thing: Dogyk, I was also prepared to allow myself to be surprised; a lot of my friends loved this and one dohyk the biggest criticisms didn’t actually bother me – purple prose. Besides Juliette’s constant whining and lameness and the cringeworthy romances, this story was just a sadder and lamer version of X-Men. When something major does occur, it usually makes no fucking sense whatsoever because the author either has no imagination or didn’t put as much thought into as she should have.

Chapter 12, page 74 He’s a hot bath, a short breath, 5 days of summer pressed into 5 fingers writing stories on my body. The only things dystopian about this world were, in Juliette’s words, 1 tank 4 guns julij dresses 1 Automat.

Until it spins around and lies with lips and teeth carved into the semblance of something too passive to punch. Exhausting and not very enchanting. The amount of seconds it took for an immediate wave of relief juili wash all over my body when I was done reading this book.

This girl went on and on in excessive hyperbole, similes, and metaphors. Let’s talk about the characters. This is not a novel, it is a collection of similes and metaphors, jylii of which do not make sense.

Dotyk Julii (Dotyk Julii, #1) by Tahereh Mafi (1 star ratings)

I couldn’t finish it because I found the plot lacking, the characters not characterized and the writing painful. Hate looks just like everybody else until it smiles. Or stretch myself if I need to. View all 41 comments. His eyes His hands His chest His lips Dothk at my ear when he speaks.