The full name for the book known as Beyond Counting by James Grosjean is actually Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker. James Grosjean is a gambling expert and author best known for his book Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker. 6 Aug Grosjean Beyond Counting. Hi Folks – if you were ever interested in obtaining a copy please visit the no reserve eBay auction.

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Grosjean discusses myriad legal and illegal methods of beating these games based on many factors.

His attorneys for these grosmean are Bob Nersesian and Thea Sankiewicz. As he grew older, his attention quickly turned to blackjack. Jul 18, Threads: Grosjean’s book provides a mathematical treatment of various forms of legal advantage play in casino games. This page was created in 0. This thread has been amended to delete his contact information.

The Magic Cafe Forums – “Beyond Counting” by James Grosjean

As a result, a player can track clumps of cards throughout the shuffle and therefore gain an edge. This biography of coujting living person needs additional citations for verification.

The book is apparently good for casino rats who will move around a lot and may have more opportunities than someone standing still.

However, while studying his interest in blackjack continued to grow and he started regularly travelling to Las Vegas to play.

James Grosjean: Beyond Counting

I’ve even mentioned Grosjean’s name here once or twice. Also, this is not just a math book. November 11th, at 3: Beyond Counting provides information for playing modern casino xounting with an advantage.

Fantastic book, great writing completely irreverent, with many casino’s treated as the sawdust joints they all really are at heart. Grosjean also extensively examined the mathematics behind all the games and edges.

That gave Grosjean an idea. The book actually covers a few different games, and is also full of “editorial” material on gambling in general. Having purchased a lot of books with vertical subject matter, gambling, history of gambling, playing cards, etc, this book is definitely not overpriced. Probably take me ’till this time next year to get through everything this book has to offer Jun 29, Sure enough he quickly beat all of his friends and soon no one would play against him.

One night, however, a careless dealer revealed her hole card to him while he was playing. For the average advantage player, I think that Advanced Advantage Play by our own Eliot Jacobson would be much more useful. Before long the pair were approached by security guards. Knowing what hole card the dealer had made a huge impact on the odds of the hand.

It is most definitely expensive, but with the material offered within the purchase price is more than fair. This page was last edited on 15 Octoberat Oct 14, Threads: The name James Countig might not be that familiar to amateur gamblers, but in professional ranks he is very well known.

Given his mathematical prowess, Grosjean went on to receive a scholarship to Harvard. Jun 28, I’ll probably love it, but my tastes run esoteric. Retrieved from ” https: I’m proud to have it but I very rarely actually open it.

James Grosjean

Goes beyond the work of Uston and Wong. Nathan’s Corner Discussion II about Got home from the lecture tour yesterday and it was waiting for me. Just be ready for a VERY math-intensive book. At this stage he was still using basic blackjack strategies. November 11th, at Oct 19, Threads: Please help by adding reliable sources.